About Us

Mission, Values and Vision


The mission of the Birmingham Faith in Action is to build a better Birmingham by working to ensure skilled, committed, leaders of faith can effectively organize on issues of concern in their communities and to build relational power across racial, denominational, and regional lines.  


As people of faith, we believe that all people are sacred. That all people are meant by God to have access to dignity and power, that oppression can be rooted out by the stem.  We are called to act powerfully to eradicate that which undermines the fundamental sacredness of every human being.

We see a world of economic and racial injustice.  The real abundance of the world is only shared by a few, and this injustice is upheld by a myth of scarcity. But we know that we serve a God of abundance, and the world does not have to be this way.  This present reality can be transformed.  We are called to play a leading role in this transformation.


Our vision is full civic engagement of people of faith around programs and policies that benefit all people, especially low-income and working families.

Birmingham Faith in Action is committed to organizing the faith community, aligning thousands of people across the region to achieve a world of economic and racial justice, a world where the abundance of this world is shared by all people, by all creation.  We believe that this shared abundance is possible when we are acting as community rather than as isolated individuals.  When we act as community, we begin to transform our fear into hope.  When this transformation occurs, a just world becomes possible.