About Us

Birmingham Faith in Action is engaging a base of congregations to build grassroots interracial faith-rooted organization that ministers to the public square.  The organization will serve as a catalyst that counters a narrative in Alabama about race that blocks pathways to opportunity for many African Americans and whites.  Through a prophetic imagination, informed by the rich wisdom of faith texts and religious traditions of the members of this justice movement, the organization will reframe public conversations and harness civic and spiritual energy to honor all of God’s children in Alabama. 

The organization serves as a vehicle to position members of low- and moderate-wealth individuals as architects, not objects, of policy.  In collaboration with allies, the organization will win structural change to strengthen the socioeconomic vitality of low- and moderate-wealth households in Birmingham and the rest of Alabama. This is fundamental to creating a thriving and prosperous future for our great state.

Fundamental to building a powerful faith-rooted community organizing organization is that it serves as a resource for strengthening its member-congregations.  The organization will create pathways for its members congregations to more powerfully minister to the public square.  In addition the organization will service the vision of its members congregations by creating spaces that deepen their congregants’ faith formation.  Through the organization’s leadership development process, the organization will strengthen congregants’ capacity to play larger roles in their congregations.

For more information, please contact Daniel Schwartz at (205) 451-3352 or daniel@birminghamfaithinaction.org.